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Peace, despite myself

There's a window next to my desk here at home. From it, I can see to the alley behind our house, the meeting of the backyards of a block full of neighbors.
Today, out the window, there were two chickens. They fluffed their feathers and dug in the grass for insects. They had not a care in the world. Just two chickens, on a warm spring day, being together, doing what happy chickens do.
Taking a break from my work, I stepped out onto our back deck. Two white moths danced together as I looked over the hill. Fluttering white, two companions riding on the breeze together.
A blue jay crossed my sight, skipping from tree to power line and back again. He was alone, but I've been watching the birds over the last weeks, and I know that he rarely travels alone. Two jays played on our deck last week. They ate the remnants of the cereal we'd spilled under the table. They stared at the cat through the sliding glass door.
I only saw one jay today, but I know that his mate couldn't be too …

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